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When you think of ‘Mobility’, what comes to mind? For many of us, we think of mobility as movement in a joint or flexibility in a muscle. The fact of the matter is you would all be correct.

Mobility = Movement

Mobility comes in all shapes and sizes. It is not married to joints specifically but often most commonly. This powerful word can be applied to a 90 year-old walking down the street, a professional track athlete sprinting down the track, or office worker stretching during their lunch.

If you have ever been curious how you can improve your mobility within your joints/ ligaments/ tendons/ muscles or what is considered ‘normal’ range of motion this post is for you.

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I created a ‘mobility cheat sheet’ with all of the most common joints in our body and average ranges of motion. Curious on how many directions the shoulder can move or how far you should be able to move your arm? With this sheet, you can better understand your body and where your discrepancies are. Maybe you cannot move into 180 deg of flexion? Is there a lack of flexibility in the surrounding musculature? What about the arthrokinematics of the joint itself? This will help those seeking to improve their mobility, prevent injury, improve their performance, and recover more efficiently.

Checkout this goniometer to test your range of motion (my affiliate link). They are cheap, effective, and provide great information.

Now, I do not dive into the arthrokinematics on this form. We can define this as the joints ability to roll, spin, or slide within the joint surface to aide in movement.

Lastly, these are average ranges of motion and should only be used as a general reference.

Download the Mobility Cheat Sheet Here:

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