Our Programs Help You With Increased performance, injury prevention, & Trick Advancement

We are athletes and health professionals who want to make a difference in the lives of other snow athletes


Yoga for snowboarders is designed by a snowboarding yoga instructor to help advance skills and prevent injuries. Each class focuses on mobility in areas crucial for the sport such as ankles, knees, hips, and more.

SNOGA™ 101 For Beginners

Designed for the beginner who is wanting to create a daily movement routine without the time commitment. 30 days of SNOGA was designed to ease you into your own yoga practice with 1 class per day. 

Shred 3.0 Workout Program

This 12 week Shred program was developed by health professionals for those seeking a simple, step by step program aimed at performance, injury prevention, and longevity on/off the mountain.

Incorporating strength and conditioning, aerobic exercise training, mobility, gymnastics, speed & agility and more! 

Developed by a Dr. of Physical Therapy/ Licensed Massage Therapist/ Certified Yoga Instructor/ Personal Trainer/ Licensed High School Health Teacher and snowboard enthusiasts.

Core Shot

This class was two years in the making with the snowboarder in mind. Each class is unique and tailored towards a specific goal. We saw a need for a supplemental core workout specific to snow athletes. Each video explains why you are performing that exercise and how. Add this onto your normal routine and see the difference made in the seasons to come! 

Concussions 101

This course was developed by health professionals who understand how confusing it can be searching for answers. Concussions are traumatic brain injuries and should be treated as such. In this 8 part foundational course series, you will get an in-depth education on how concussions affect the brain, our normal day-to-day life and solutions you can implement right away. Our goal is to provide affordable health advocacy, clarity and confidence. 

Movement Consultation

Whether you are looking to improve your performance, alleviate a previous nagging injury, or strengthen your body. Movement Consultations consist of:

  • 70 minute online evaluation
  • Complete a  thorough history interview
  • Observe and measure strength/ flexibility/ mobility through tests.
  • Provide a base set of exercises/ suggestions that are evidence based and most effective for you
  • Also included is a weekly check-in to answer an any questions/ concerns. 

Consider it a personal training program on steroids.

Robust Knees Strength Program

We created this healthy knee guide with the goal of providing as much evidence based, and easy to follow exercises for any athlete to take control of their training regimen. In this guide, you will find easy to understand anatomy, scientific journals, graphs with evidence based results, easy calendar to follow, and a full progression of exercises.

Parking Lot Dynamic Warm up


What Our Clients Say

Sarah is overly talented and gifted and deserves all of the praise. She’s been massaging me for years, and provided one recently. As a new mama, my body needed so much attention and love, and she provided just that. She knew I was breastfeeding and showed up with equipment to accommodate lying on my stomach (didn’t even ask her to do that). She’s thoughtful with her pressure and knows exactly how to relieve the tension and pain! Love my massages with this girl!
Britneigh Hammill
As someone who is very new to yoga, I was a little nervous going in. But Sarah is such a wonderful instructor and as soon as we started the class I felt comfortable. She is very positive and does a great job with small corrections. Any beginners are in greats hands with Sarah.
Sarah is an incredible yoga instructor. She is patient, positive, and uplifting. I have not felt this great in years. If you are thinking about hiring her for personal training, massage, or yoga I promise you will not regret it.
”I’m so glad I found and completed the Shred 2.0 program! I am an almost 41 year old mom of 3. In my early 20s I was a professional snowboarder and competed mostly in boardercross. Then life hit, had kids and snowboarded a lot less while the kids were little. The last five years or so I have been snowboarding a lot more but I keep getting injured. Shoulder injuries/ AC separations, patella contusion, whiplash, and frayed meniscus. I frayed my meniscus the first trip snowboarding last winter and was out for the first month of the season. I did physical therapy but it still hurt the entire season. However, with this program I have gained back all the muscle I lost in my quad and then some! The program is very easy to follow and there is an optional spreadsheet to keep track of your progress. I love the combination of exercises that target all the important areas for snowboarding injury prevention. I was in constant “good sore” pain for 12 weeks and the active rest days seemed to come at perfect times! I see a major change to my body, especially my quads. I see definition in my legs, core and arms! But most importantly I feel strong and ready to be back on snow!!!! Thank you MobilityDuo!!”
Marisa McKellar
“Shred 2.0 was challenging and fun. I enjoyed seeing the progress from week and week, and look forward to seeing how my snowboarding is this winter!”
Samuel Hoffmann