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Keep snowboarding until you are 70+ years old!

We educate snowboarder’s about their body so you can keep riding until you are 70+ years old. 

Mobility Duo was born with the idea of providing expert, evidence based treatment specifically for snow sport athletes. 

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SNOGA™ Membership

Yoga for snowboarders! Weekly HIIT workouts now included! 

Snoga 101

SNOGA™ 101 For Beginners

A course to create a daily movement routine without the time commitment.


Shred 3.0 Workout Program

Start, end, or supplement your season strong with this 12 week program.


Bodyweight Strength Program

Zero equipment required, same incredible snowboard workout

Our Partners

Our goal is to keep you doing what you love.

SNOGA™ Membership

Yoga for snowboarders is designed by a snowboarding yoga instructor to help advance skills and prevent injuries. Each class focuses on mobility in areas crucial for the sport such as ankles, knees, hips, and more.

Shred 3.0 - 12 Week Workout

This 12 week Shred program was developed by health professionals for those seeking a simple, step by step program aimed at performance, injury prevention, and longevity on/off the mountain.

Developed by a Dr. of Physical Therapy/ Licensed Massage Therapist/ Certified Yoga Instructor/ Personal Trainer/ Licensed High School Health Teacher and snowboard enthusiasts.

Movement Consultation

Whether you are looking to improve your performance, alleviate a previous nagging injury, or strengthen your body. Movement Consultations consist of:

  • 70 minute online evaluation
  • Complete a  thorough history interview
  • Observe and measure strength/ flexibility/ mobility through tests.
  • Provide a base set of exercises/ suggestions that are evidence based and most effective for you
  • Also included is a weekly check-in to answer an any questions/ concerns. 

Consider it a personal training program on steroids.

Why Online Meetings Work

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Meet Mark & Sarah

We are a husband and wife team looking to work with athletes on rehabilitation, wellness, and prevention.


How We Can Help You

Learn more about Mark and Sarah’s qualifications and how they can help you.

Work With Mark


I prefer to educate the client, provide them the tools, and deliver the long term solution they are seeking.

If you are seeking a movement consultation and this resonates, I would love to work with you.

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We share our tips on mobility and how to prevent injury.