Powder Mat™ | The Original Snowboard Yoga Mat | Season 5 JAPAN

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Looking for the finest snowboard yoga mat available to elevate your snowboarding season? Look no further



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Patent Pending Design- The first of its kind! We have created a small-batch, premium snowboard yoga mat made for snowboarders, by snowboarders! Whether you want to work on your grabs or cab 720’s, this is the mat for you! With our signature logo at the top, you can sport this premium mat around town, on and off the mountain. Stop stretching without direction and maximize your time off the mountain so you can benefit on the mountain.

Season 5 Design – Japan

This playful design is meant to pay tribute to the beautiful snowboarding culture in Japan – the pristine powder, breathtaking views, and the unique cultural experience. The sun in the sky resembles the Japanese flag, nestled atop the Hakuba Valley in the Japanese Alps with fluffy snow falling in the forefront. The waves of fresh powder giving off “The Great Wave of Kanagawa” vibes to symbolize the vibrant slopes and world renown powders. This mat features a warm, steamy bowl of ramen. The food scene in Japan is next level – choosing one dish was very difficult. To keep the mat grounded we featured a path surrounded by winter Cherry Blossoms that rails under a Torii gate to the iconic Mt. Fuji. Lastly, we added in a special edition Japan Air Grab for those looking to practice this iconic grab off mountain. 

We have goofy stance and regular stance so choose wisely…

  • Artist: Mary Buell
  • Design: Custom Laser Etched PNW Design ‘ NW Arts & Recreation’
  • Material: Premium Polyurethane top with 100% natural rubber bottom
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Benefits: Water resistance/ Non-Slip/ Tear proof/ Environmentally friendly/ Non-Toxic/ Resistant to wear and sun aging
  • Size: 72″ x 26.75″
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Manufactured: China
  • Unique anti-slip texture provides sufficient grip and traction



Products have new factory manufactured smell which will disappear after us


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Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 27 × 0.125 in
Snowboard Stance

Regular Stance, Goofy Stance

10 reviews for Powder Mat™ | The Original Snowboard Yoga Mat | Season 5 JAPAN

  1. Mike

    Sweetttttt mat!

  2. BettyAnn Martin (verified owner)

    This is the best yoga mat I have ever owned. The graphic is even cooler in person! 10/10 recommend

  3. Moises Ramirez

    One word to describe this mat and it is “Quality!”

    As someone who does a lot of traveling for snowboarding, the mat itself is not only the most aesthetically pleasing design with all the different snowboard grabs, but it also has functionality! After having the yoga mat for over about a month now I take it everywhere I go! It has seen the the inside of the lodge on super chilly days which has your everyday floor, to rocky/snowy parking lots as I am preparing to get ready for the snowboarding day ahead. The mat has had no rips or indents, and I go snowboarding about 3 times a week and use it every time. You definitely don’t have to be as hardcore with it, but I am just sharing my experience with it. In my personal opinion I believe the mat is worth every penny and don’t see myself having to buy another yoga mat anytime soon unlike other thinner yoga mats that rip overtime!

  4. John Collier

    Superb quality yoga mat and the attention to detail embedded on mat graphic is top notch!

    This is a must have for snowboarders.

  5. Kris Loggins (verified owner)

    Best purchase this year other than my snowboard gear!!!
    This mat is super awesome. Its thick and durable which also means super comfortable to stand or lay on no matter your terrain of choice.
    Also, the super awesome artwork is great to learn your grab points and just all around fun to look at.
    If you are looking for a quality yoga mat stop reading this and hit the buy button. Seriously.
    Ill be purchasing a 2nd when the next run is available so I dont have to share a mat with the wife.
    Go buy it already!!

  6. Brittany

    This mat is AMAZING!
    The matte black design is so beautiful and informative for beginner snowboarders.
    The quality is so ON POINT!!! Durable and so soft under the feets!
    We LOVE our snoga mat!!!!!

  7. Shelby Becknell (verified owner)

    Waiting sure does have its downsides but this mat was defiantly worth the wait! It’s different and really cool! I look forward to using it!

  8. Jim Izzo (verified owner)

    Just worked out using this yoga mat for the last 4 days. Super comfortable. Great grip and that mat looks incredible!!! Love it

    • Sarah

      Thanks Jim! Stoked you are enjoying the mat 🙂

  9. Ryan Teel (verified owner)

    This mat really stands up with the best. I’ve owned Lulu and Manduka mats in the past, and this one has all the same premium quality with function and finish. The bonus is that it looks way better! It’s really cool to be able to apply mobility to the snowboard and the amazing graphic is a neat aid for that. The board graphic is about 150 cm so it’s quite close to my actual snowboard sizes (153-158). It’s superb!

    • Mark

      Thanks Ryan! Awesome comparison and stoked you love it!

  10. Devon Whitted (verified owner)

    After my first day of doing yoga morning flows with Sarah, I saw this mat and instantly fell in love! It’s awesome quality for a yoga mat, and the graphic is super sick! The only yoga mat I’ll ever need 💛💜

    • Mark

      Thanks Devon, so stoked you love it!

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