Each program is purchased separately.

SNOGA is beginner friendly and for each move there is an option.

1 hour (5 minutes breath work, 40 minutes of movement, and 15 minutes of meditation at the end)

Yes, you can always access past classes. Sarah will post classes afterwards on Vimeo and you can access anytime. 

At the moment we offer 2 SNOGA classes a week (8 a month). All of our past recorded classes are available to access anytime.

No, however we highly recommend using one to have better grip during poses and enhance your practice. Checkout our very own snowboard mat here: 
Snowboard Yoga Mat

Shred 3.0 FAQ

Yes, when you purchase SHRED 3.0 it will have you add login information so you can access it for life!

No, Shred 3.0 is a one time purchase that gives you lifetime access to the videos, education, spreadsheet, etc. 

SHRED 3.0 includes:
  • Organized Step by Step Program 

  • Over 220+ Unique Exercises

  • 280+ Videos

  • Gym OR Home Based

  • Detailed Downloadable PDFs

  • Multi Direction Speed & Agility/Plyometrics/ PLAY Sessions/ Mobility/ And More!
SHRED 3.0 was made specifically as a hybrid based program to cater to those who don’t have or want access to a public gym. You will need some basic but we provide alternatives to everything. 

Healthy Knees Guide

The HEALTHY KNEE GUIDE is for those who do not have any acute injuries currently and who are cleared by their medical professional.
The HEALTHY KNEE GUIDE is a 60+ page PDF that contains education on anatomy, 15 weeks (4 phases) of resistance training, an exercise database, and support to help you create your own plan. 
No, it is a one time purchase with a downloadable PDF.