Snowboardings #1 Training Program

This 12 week Shred program was developed by health professionals for those seeking a simple, step by step program aimed at performance, injury prevention, and longevity on/off the mountain.

It is challenging, but we promise it will pay off. 


Shred 3.0 is all about STRESS ADAPTATION and moving our bodies in conventional & unconventional ways. When we encounter a movement on the slopes, we want it to be habitual, not unfamiliar. Shred 3.0 was developed by a Dr. of Physical Therapy, trainer and yoga instructor who actively snowboard 50+ days a year with a combined 30+ years of experience. It was created by snowboarders, for snowboarders. 

Benefits of Shred 3.0



Over 227 unique Exercises

280+ Videos

24 DIFFERENT Routines


Tired of Seeing The same Workout Program?

So were we…

We saw the same bodybuilding based 3×10 workout programs around the internet. Introducing Shred 3.0, the most versatile snowboard specific training program ever created. 

The TriPhasic Process

The TriPhasic training process was created to make periodization simple. The program is broken up into 5 phases starting with foundational Eccentric, Isometric and Concentric contraction routines. Next is putting it together into a Power phase and finishing up with Specialized Snowboard based movements. 

We give you the tools to continue your journey past 12+ weeks into the season. 

We Go A Step Further

Also Included In This Program

Multi-Directional Speed & Agility Training (MDSA): We understand the need for aerobic, speed & agility training and how it translates well onto the mountain. We include 2 days a week of MDSA training with a variety of training exercises specific to snowboarding. We need to train your heart and lungs equally!

PLAY Sessions: There is a missing link in snowboard training for unconventional movements that most adults stop performing. When is the last time you completed a forward roll? How about a bar hang? Our PLAY sessions are the perfect combination of gymnastics, Primal mobility movements, Balance and Hanging. Our goal is to make you more robust when encountering unfamiliar situations and laugh a have fun!

Plyometrics: Creating a resilient version of yourself while also improving performance. Our plyometrics program changes every 2 weeks stressing your tissues the right way and improving your performance. 

Test Days and Weekly Check-ins: We created a simple way to check in and see your progress. Included we also created a weekly check in system to evaluate accurately how well your life is balanced. Health is not only superficial, but arguably what’s going on inside, your relationships and your community. 

What is Included?


Minimal Equipment Required

We Provide Equipment Alternatives!

Example Work Week - Phase 2

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  • Monday: Medium Intensity Strength
  • Tuesday: MDSA Week 1 OR Play Session #1
  • Wednesday: Medium Intensity Strength 
  • Thursday: MDSA Week 1
  • Friday: High Volume/ Low Intensity Strength
  • Saturday: Optional: Play Session #1

Frequently Asked Questions

While we tailored this workout (specifically the peaking/ specialized phase 4) to snowboarders, it is 100% appropriate for ANY athlete. We all use similar muscles, soft tissues, frontal cortex, etc to perform on/ off the mountain. We promise you will see benefits for performance or for everyday life!

Absolutely not. We encourage those to mix & match days that are most appropriate for you. We understand life can sometimes take over so be easy on yourself but also push yourself when appropriate. 

While this program was created for the intermediate/ advanced athlete, every movements has an alternative. We encourage you to push yourself out of your comfort zone and skip movements that may feel uneasy/ unsafe. This program can be completed by every athlete. 

Unfortunately the workout videos are not downloadable but the PDFs of each workout are. Due to previous users abusing this privilege, we had to make the videos only available on your membership. 

Lifetime access baby! No subscription here. 

Snoga is a subscription based program with 2 live Snoga (Yoga for snowboarders) classes each week with Sarah. In addition, we have over 150+ recorded classes you are able to access that pair well with your Shred 3.0 program. Also, Mark teaches a new HIIT based 20-30 minute workout class each week as a supplement to your routine. 

You will receive a welcome email with a video on how to access Shred 3.0. You will sign in with the username/ password you created during checkout. 

We made this program to be able to complete in the comfort of your home or a commercial gym. We provide alternatives to each piece of equipment. We understand that gym access is limited to certain individuals but did our best to cater to a well rounded routine. 

Honestly, I wish I could! There are hundreds of exercises and for me to do so would have taken 100’s of hours. I provide a video example of me performing each movement properly. We are always available for questions if they do come up while in the program.