Parking Lot Dynamic Warm up

Mark · December 7, 2021

Mobility Duo's - Parking Lot Warm-Up

Ever wondered what, how, and why you should be warming up prior to shredding?

Curious on the benefits of dynamic stretching and how it can help you on/ off the mountain?  

We created this 6 minute parking lot dynamic warm-up just for you! No need to look like a skallywag anymore. We put that board/ skies to work utilizing them as a balance tool and some light resistance. Included with this neat package:

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Aspiring professional soccer player and Doctor of Physical Therapy. ​ I do not believe one exercise mode is superior to another. They all provide their own strengths and weaknesses. While a manual hands-on approach is appropriate at times, I prefer to educate the patient, provide them the tools and deliver the long term solution they are seeking. If I am not in the office, you can find me on the mountain. Keep on growing.

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