Meet Mark, Dr. of Physical Therapy and Personal Trainer

Looking to improve your performance? Strengthen your body? Remedy a current/ past injury? 

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My Treatment Philosophy

My treatment philosophy stems around evidence based practice that has been backed by strong scientific research. Due to my strength training background, I give my clients the tools they need to recover from injury safely and stronger than before. 

I love working with soccer, running, and snow sport athletes. Due to my life long participation in these activities, I understand what these sports require and the detailed movements behind them. 

I do not believe one exercise mode is superior to another. They all offer their own strengths and weaknesses. 

While a manual hands-on approach is appropriate at times, I prefer to educate the client, provide them the tools and deliver the long term solution they are seeking. 


Movement Consultation

Whether you are looking to improve your performance, alleviate a previous nagging injury, or strengthen your body. Movement Consultations consist of:

  • 70 minute online evaluation
  • Complete a  thorough history interview
  • Observe and measure strength/ flexibility/ mobility through tests.
  • Provide a base set of exercises/ suggestions that are evidence based and most effective for you
  • Also included is a weekly check-in to answer an any questions/ concerns. 

Consider it a personal training program on steroids. 

30 Minute Online Coaching

Maybe a movement consultation is not what you are seeking? I now offer 30 minute online coaching sessions to discuss everything snowboarding (stance/ form/ goals), fitness goals, current discomfort, questions about the human body, etc. This for a fraction of the cost of a movement consultation! 

What My Clients Say