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Yoga for snowboarders

SNOGA® was designed by a snowboarding yoga instructor to help advance skills and prevent injuries. Each class focuses on mobility in areas crucial for the sport including ankles, knees, hips, spine, shoulders and more.

Yoga for snowboarders

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I didn’t know I needed yoga when I found it but through the years it has saved me both physically and mentally. This is what I want for my favorite population: Snowboarders. I want to reach people who would’ve otherwise never found yoga and hopefully save some aches, pains, and mental health. Thank you for being here and trying something new!  

Benefits of SNOGA:

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Now Offering Weekly HIIT Workout Classes!

Have you been searching for a perfect supplement to your off-season workout routine? Look no further! Mark is now offering 30 minute or less HIIT based workout classes every week! The movements change every week but the challenge continues!

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