Start Active, Stay Active! Walking, the Single Best Aerobic Exercise

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Mark here. With so much uncertainty in the midst, I wanted to ‘rant’ about why we should all be staying active.

Now, I am not saying “Lace your running shoes up and go out and run a 5k.” While I would love to see this, I do not believe it would be effective or realistic.

What I am saying is this, go for a walk. I am of the belief that walking is the single best aerobic activity ANYONE can pursue on their own.

It. is. so. easy.

What the experts and media are not saying is that more than ever, we need to focus on our immune systems.

There are countless benefits to walking (aerobic activity) but I will not go into them with this first post. I am a runner myself (discovered during the height of my stressful times in graduate school) and I cannot tell you how wonderful I feel AFTERWARDS.

Walking is a thinking man/womans sport and it allows you collect your thoughts on top of endorphins. It is also the perfect remedy to aching joints, pains, and the plethora of feelings many of us have as we age.

General rule of thumb, walk as fast as you can while also being able to maintain a conversation. This 70% HR goal is where all the ‘benefits’ come from. If you find yourself huffing and puffing, slow it down buddy…

American College & Sports Medicine Recommendations:

  • Healthy adults 18-65yo
  • Walk 30 min, 5 days a week or
  • 20 min of vigorous, 3 days per week

This is it ladies and gentleman, go for a walk, enjoy, think, and grow.

– Mark, PT, DPT

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