5 1/2 Things You Can Do To Strengthen Your Immune System Today!

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Mark here. Most of you all know Oregon has been in a state of emergency this past week. Multiple fires were started either organically or through unfortunate events. Never before in my life have I seen the sky so red, so ominous, so frightening. The air quality was so poor in fact, Oregon gained world wide attention for being the most polluted environment in the entire world! Yes Beijing, Shenzhen, and New Delhi took a back seat for the first time in ages. Many of us could only step outside for a matter of minutes before microscopic particles of burning plastic, organic matter, and everything in between coated our hypersensitive lungs. Add Covid into the mix and we have ourselves a regular immune system compromising cocktail.

Today I wanted to discuss the importance of strengthening and maintaining our immune systems. The media seems to be fixated on Covid and how its continuing to affecting the economy, employment and rise in cases. What they fail to emphasize is how we can build our most important defense. Yes, masks are great but they can only do so much As straightforward as these habits are, most of us are not implementing them into our lives. Here are 5 things you can do today to strengthen your immune system: 1) Sleep

2) Exercise

3) Limit your stress by spending time outside or meditating.

4) Eat nutritious whole foods and avoid excessive processed sugars, alcohol, GMOs.

5) Smile

Bonus) Drink water!

I swear, if a majority of the USA did 3/5 of this list we could crush a substantial amount of chronic illness. But, I am not here to preach… There you have it, 5 1/2 easy tasks you can perform to strengthen your immune system and mental health.

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